August 28, 2016#

Why so worried?


July 23, 2016#

Our 2 Cats

I have gained cats. I did not seek out cats, but they have moved in.


July 16, 2016#

Random nighttime thoughts


July 10, 2016#

The problem with Overwatch

I’ve been having a ton of fun with Overwatch. Sam, my fiancé has been playing too, we make a good team. So of course I wanted to do a bit of fan art like everyone else on the internet. Figured I would draw us as the heroes we play as. The problem is I ended up with this…


October 29, 2012#

Speech-to-text is a horrible invention

I sent a text to my realtor. They got something else.


October 29, 2012#

Did someone say slutty Halloween costume ideas?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. But the sad thing is, I’m not a sexy lady. So I have very few options. But if you are a sexy lady, the possibilities are endless! You can do better than just a slutty cat of slutty nurse. Be creative! So here are some interesting costume ideas for those who want to be a little different this year… but still slutty.

1. Slutty Cthulhu

Tentacles… just don’t google image search them. Trust me, you don’t want to see that. Also, since H.P. Lovecraft was pretty sexist, it seems like an appropriate way to objectify women.


2. Slutty Japanese Horror Ghost

Spooky but also sexy… in a creepy sort of way.


3. Slutty Alien Host

Because in space, no one can hear you be slutty. Wait, that doesn’t make sense.


4. Slutty Possessed Girl from the Exorcist

Ok, not the best idea.



 5. Slutty Dalek

Ok nerds… you’re welcome.



October 17, 2012#

Better art!

A couple of weeks ago, I found an old sketchbook of mine in the trunk of my car. I flipped through the pages and was reminded that I could actually draw well. My original art style was something that I had spent years developing and it had a good amount of expression to it. I would draw everyday until I got to the point where I could draw a whole person in five minutes. But then I got caught up with everyday life and stopped drawing all together until I started this site last year. Originally, I adopted the chibi style that I have used up to this point, because it was faster and less detailed than what I used to use. But now looking back on it I, I miss my old style and I feel guilty that I don’t try harder. So my new goal is to get back to the level of drawing that I used to be capable of. Good thing for me, feeling bad about my lack of skill is good motivation.


September 9, 2012#

I may not be a genius…

So a while back I did something that convinced me that I might not be as smart as I think I am.

The morning started just like any other, I woke up, took a shower and picked out a t-shirt to wear. It was just a blank gray t-shirt with nothing special about it in any way, certainly it wasn’t an evil garment that would forever shake my confidence in dressing my self. But in my life, things rarely go as planned.


I pulled the opening over my head and instantly lost my way as the neck hole eluded me. The darkness inside consumed me, which may sound over dramatic, but none-the-less I struggled to find some kind of opening in the shirt that would allow my limbs to find their way to freedom.


Now most people would pull the shirt off and try to reorient themselves for an easier approach to the task, but not me. That would have been a defeat, and I wasn’t going to be beaten by a shirt.  I continued. The strange thing was that there seemed to be more room in the shirt than there should be, as if it was bigger on the inside. I began to think that the fabric held some kind of supernatural quality, like a portal to another dimension. If I could find the exit, it might lead to Narnia.


After a longer time than I care to admit, my efforts remained unsuccessful and I finally gave up and admitted defeat. That’s when I realized the problem.

It was a pillowcase.


June 17, 2012#

Very busy, so here’s a kitty!

I’ve been ridiculously busy for the last month and still haven’t written a post… I feel bad. So I drew a kitty. Everyone likes cats, right? Well, at least everyone with a soul does.


May 6, 2012#

Fun things to do on an airplane

Fun things to do on an airplane